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Bio-identical hormones

Do you see the difference?
There is none!
And that is exactly what bio-identical hormones look like.

Their chemical structure is fully identical with those that the body produces itself so it is totally natural.

Bio-identical hormones are synthetically produced from precursors that are found, for instance, in the yam or soy.

Menopause - coping with symptoms in an individual and natural way

Typical menopausal complaints often develop many years before the cessation of menstruation. They are the consequence of the changes in the female hormone balance in the body and the subsequent imbalance of these vital substances. Certain hormones are formed less so that the ratio of hormones with each other is changed.

It is logical to give the body the exact hormones that it lacks, and that is where bio-identical hormones are so important.

The hormone must be correct as well as the dosage so that the complex interplay of the hormones in the body is brought back into balance.

A simple blood test or an analysis of the saliva can identify which stage of the menopause a woman is at and which hormones should be supplemented. Initially this is mostly progesterone and later oestrogens in addition.

Like all pharmacists we also produce formulations. A formulation is a medicine which is prepared in a pharmacy for an individual patient. An advantage of this is that the formulation can be very easily made up unto individual dosages. The manufacturing of the formulations takes place in the pharmacy in a specially designated work place and is reserved for pharmaceutical personnel such as pharmacy technicians or pharmacists.

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