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A prescription is a document which prescribes medications or remedies.

There are two types of prescription, Kassenrezept (a prescripton provided by statuatory health insurance) and Privatrezept (private prescription which is paid for by private health insurance).

Kassenrezept (Statuatory prescription)

  1. Prescription is pink
  2. This document is issued for those insured by statutory health insurance, providing that medication or remedies are reimbursable.
  3. A Kassenrezept is valid for 3 months from date of issue. Statuatory health insurance (Krankenkasse) assumes responsibility for the costs for the first month, from the second month the costs must be taken on in full by the patient.
  4. The patient is generally obliged to pay an additional compulsory pre-determined proportion of the sum, unless they hold an exemption from additional payments.

Privatrezept (Private prescription)

  1. The standard form is generally blue or white.
  2. The patient is not insured by statutory health insurance.
  3. A private prescription is normally valid for 3 months, the costs are reimbursed in this period.
  4. The patient normally makes an advance payment and is later reimbursed upon submission of the prescription to the private health insurance (according to the patient's contribution)

Grünes Rezept“ ("Green prescription")

  1. This is a prescription which is prescribed to a patient insured by statutory health insurance
  2. A "grünes Rezept" is treated like a Privatrezept, the prescription is not covered by the patient's own medical insurance meaning that they must bear all of the costs incurred.

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