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Emergency calendar for pharmacies in Marburg and surrounding areas

The Notdienst-Apotheken (emergency pharmacies) are continually ready for service out-of-hours, but the doors are kept closed according to the official opening times. On the respective calendaer day the pharmacies are ready for service day and night, from 8.30 for 24 hours (until 8.30 on the following calaender day)

The use of the night service is chargeable. The emergency service availability of the pharmacies is always displayed at the entrance of all pharmacies.

Landesapothekerkammer Hessen (Regional Pharmacy Chamber of Hesse) ordered that pharmacies in Marburg's surrounding areas are affiliated with the emergency service of the central Marburg pharmacies, with effect from 1st July 1993.

The pharmacies in Marburg provide a daily rotational emergency service which is affiliated with pharmacies in the following areas: C÷lbe, Lahntal (Go▀felden, Sterzhausen), Wetter, Ebsdorfergrund (Ebsdorf, Dreihausen, Rauischholzhausen), Weimar (Niederwalgern, Niederweimar) and Fronhausen. This arrangement means that these pharmacies will be always be ready for service in conjunction with a respective Marburg pharmacy.

The Landesapothekerkammer Hessen weighed up the health and safety implications concerning both pharmacy staff and public in implementing this new emergency service regulation.

The distance of the places named above in Marburg's surroundings, to Marburg town centre is under 15 kilometres by road and they are therefore reasonably accessible for those requiring emergency service.

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